Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ronco 5-Tray Food Dehydrator Review and GIVEAWAY!

I love to eat, so I love to experiment with different foods and products to keep my dining and snacking occasions interesting.

One thing I hate is wasting food. So buying fresh fruits and vegetables is a gamble. If I buy too little, we run out and want more, but if I buy too much, it goes bad and gets thrown out. Which is essential throwing money in the trash. Obviously I am not a fan of that.

With the Ronco 5-Tray Food Dehydrator, I can dry my fresh fruits and veggies and eat them at my convenience.

Not only does this save money and waste, and take up less space, it also makes for a different snacking experience.

I love munching on chips, pretzels and so forth, so sometimes fruit and veggies will just not hit the spot. But Fruit or veggie chips will! So far I have made my own apple chips and banana chips, and both turned out wonderful!

It is really wonderful because I am not a fan of eating regular bananas, but will eat them as chips or in smoothies etc. So now I can eat more bananas and less junk food. Something about dehydrating them just makes them taste so much better, I guess it makes them sweeter by concentrating the flavor.

With the help of my daughter, the banana chips were gone in less than a day. I never got to try them the other ways I wanted to(like over ice cream or on a PB sandwich), but with my wonderful Ronco Dehydrator, I can just keep cranking them out and try them with everything(not that they need anything else).

I love how the dehydrator comes with a manual that has a chart of(average) drying times for each fruit and vegetable. It also tells you what they final texture should be(crisp, no viable moisture, leathery, etc). It makes it so easy, it's fool proof.

Since I had never used a Food Dehydrator before I was worried it would be hard or confusing, but the Ronco guide make it a piece of cake.

What I really love about the Ronco Food Dehydrator is that it also makes beef jerky. I am a Jerky fanatic. I have always wanted to make my own so I could season it to my tastes and know that the meat going in is top quality. Plus, I just think it is so cool to know you made something yourself.

Ronco even includes some jerky marinade recipes to give you some ideas. I am going to try them very soon. I am so excited to make my beef jerky. I know it will be wonderful.

As if fruits, veggies and jerky was not enough, this also dries herbs(overnight) and even dries clay(a Ronco clay recipe included as well).

With the holidays on our heels, how wonderful will it be to make your own ornaments with the kids and simply put them in your Ronco Dehydrator to dry? You will be just as happy as the kids, I can guarantee. I made ornaments with my son last year, and we had to use play dough and let them air dry. He had a blast but it was a disaster. What a joy will it be to get e helping hand from Ronco.

Speaking of the holidays, This Ronco 5-Tray Food Dehydrator would be an awesome gift. and since they are available at EVERY Target store, it couldn't be easier to pick on(or more) up and make someone's holiday all the more special.

If by some miracle there is no Target near you, you can also order at pay shipping) where you can get $10 off each addition dehydrator(when you buy one), so you can pick them up as gifts for everyone on your list.

I know what you are thinking. You don't want to give one a way, you want one for you. Well, you can get one, and that could still make for a great gift. How? Well the best gifts are home made, and for me, home made food is the top of the top. What better than a gift basket of homemade jerky and trail mixes? Mmm, I know I would love a gift like that.

Not only will the thought and effort be appreciated more than store bought, but the quality will be 10 times better. You can use the best, ripest fruit for your trail mix and the leanest, most tender meats for your jerky and create the best seasoning blends to take make it the best gift ever.

Weather you chose this to make your gifts(food), make ornaments, give as a gift, or just serve your wonderful creations to holiday guests, the Ronco 5-Tray Food Dehydrator will be a holiday must have.

And to kick things off, as my gift to you, you can enter to win a Ronco 5-Tray Food Dehydrator of your very own. Use the rafflecopter below to enter. Good luck!

*I received this product to facilitate a review(positive or negative), all opinions are my own. I was not compensated*


  1. I'd love to try drying all sorts of fruits like apples and pineapple!

  2. Definitely jerky for starts!

    jandplee at att dot net

  3. I would make dried fruits and veggies, and would love to make beef jerky. Thanks for the chance to win!! :)

  4. I would Like to make beef jerky! Thanks for a great review and giveaway :)Amy Desrosiers

  5. jerky carol roberts ccntx@livedotcom

  6. i want to grate up some sweet potatos, add some bee free honey, and make little dehydrated sweet tater snacks =)

  7. dried fruit

  8. Dried apples and strawberries

    sweepymummy at yahoo dot com

  9. Deer jerky and banana chips!

  10. I'd love to make jerky, and my kids love dried apricots!

  11. Apple chips, and I'd experiment with other fruits.

  12. i's like to make dried fruits. Peaches are my favorite!

  13. I would love this for our Fall apples! And so much more!!



  14. Peach chips! They are wonderful but oh so expensive unless you can make your own!

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  17. I had ronco fd1005whgen dehydrator earlier.. one the best dehydrator for money I bought. Really worth it.

    1. If you want to buy a new food dehydrator I would highly recommend a dehydrator with a horizontal drying system. Because only this system guaranteed a even drying. My dehydrator also has stainless steel trays and a transparent magnetic door, so you can see everything whats going on in there. A good dehyrator is for example the BioChef Arizona: