Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pinypon Party!

As a very proud member of MomSelect, I was given the wonderful opportunity to host a sponsored party from Pinypon. I received a rockin' party kit complete with Pinypon figures caravans(one for me, one to raffle off) and Nenuco baby dolls(one for me, one to raffle off), recipe ideas, printed activities(like a Pinypon scavenger hunt), information and coupons for each guest.

The toys are AWESOME. Seriously I do not feel ashamed to say that I loved playing with them. The Nenuco Baby doll is so cool. It drinks the bottle, uses the potty, and even BLOWS BUBBLES! How cool is that? Seriously, when I was younger, potty dollies were like the best of the best, but a doll that blows bubbles, the kids had to pry it away from me.

And the Pinypons are so awesome. All the pieces are interchangeably, so you can customize their outfits and even their faces and hair. AND each Pinypon has 2 faces and comes with like 3 hair accessories, so even if you one have one, you can still change it up.

The party was so much fun. Some of the girls had already heard of Pinypon, so it was cool to see them telling everyone else about them in the most matter of fact tone. Especially when they were explaining to us grown ups. They just had the most proud looks(and you could hear it in their voice too). They loved being able to share their expertise.

Everyone had so much fun with the toys.

Overall, this party was a huge success. Everyone had a wonderful time playing together and discovering new things. I know what will be on a lot of little girls' Christmas lists this year, I am tempted to put these on my own list. That is how awesome they are.

I want to say a special thank you to MomSelect,  Pinypon and Nenuco(Famosa) for making this fantastic party possible. Thank you to all of my lovely guests for coming and congratulations again to my lucky raffle winners.

*By publishing this post, I received free products as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. All opinions are my own*

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