Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chobani Champions Review and Giveaway

I am a yogurt lover, but until recently had never tried Greek Yogurt. My first taste of true yogurt bliss came from Chobani(see my review HERE ), so it is only natural that I was compelled try try Chobani's new addition to the family, Chobani Champions.

I have loved yogurt ever since I was very young, and of course as a child I would eat children yogurts. The ones with all the artificial colors and things. And I loved them. 

Even as an adult(prior to try Chobani) I have always loved them way more than regular "grown-up" yogurt. But I would never eat them because I felt they were not as good for me.

So having a wonderful kids Greek yogurt, made by my favorite brand, was a dream. Now I can have all the fun of kids flavors without all the junk and guilt. 

Plus, I can feed Chobani Champions to my children, since that is who it is actually made for. I didn't want my kids getting hooked on all these junk yogurts, so I never really let them try them before.

As many f you know, my 5 year old son is autistic, so food selection is a daily challenge. Getting him to try new things is nearly impossible, so I will not say that he wanted to try the Chobani Champions. However after days of trying, when I finally did get him to take a taste, he took another. Right then was the indicator. He will not take two bites of anything he does not like, so I was very happy to say the least.

Now he eats Chobani Champions regularly. He is still very picky about what he will eat and when, but that has nothing to do with the wonderful taste of Chobani Champions.

My daughter on the other hand, will try almost anything once and usually likes what she tries, so I was not really surprised that she loved Chobani Champions, but I was surprised tat at 13 months old she ate a whole one by herself and wanted more.

I cannot even try to eat a Chobani now without my daughter whining for it. As soon as she sees it I hear, " Mmmmm!, Mmm, Ma Ma Ma. U yaah(which means yes)!" SO I guess if there has to be a negative aspect, that is it. You won't be able to eat one yourself unless the kids are not around. lol.

Chobani Champions come in 4 yummy flavors.

Very Berry:
This flavor most reminded me of the flavors I used to eat as a child. It is fruity and delicious. It is not too sweet like kids varieties often are and tastes like real berries(because it is). 

I love this flavor, and so did the kids. This could very well be my favorite, but they are all so good it is hard to choose.

Orange Vanilla:

This flavor is so yummy, and not the cookie cutter flavor for kids yogurt. It reminds me of eating an Orange Creamsicle, or vanilla orange swirl sherbert. All of the treat with none of the guilt. 

So the nostalgia alone makes this great, but the flavor is so yummy, kids and adults alike will love this flavor(and try it frozen for an extra special treat).


I love this flavor so much. I love honey flavored yogurt by itself, but the added banana makes this extra delicious. I think this was my daughter's favorite too, although she devoured them all.

What kid does not like banana's? This flavor is so great for kids. I think the honey makes this the sweetest flavor(without being to sweet of course).

Another flavor that stands apart from standard kid's yogurt flavors. 

Vanilla Chocolate Chunk:

Everyone loves chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better, so an already fabulous yogurt becomes a decadent treat. 

The vanilla also really makes this the perfect balance. You have a yogurt that is not too sweet or too bold alone, just a nice flavorful vanilla. That in itself would be a yummy yogurt, but add in real chocolate CHUNKS and you make it so much better.

Now your kids(or you) can have a chocolaty treat any time and feel great about it. Replace fatty, sugary calorie filled desserts with one of these babies and you(or your kids) and still enjoy all of the indulgence of chocolate sweets without all the unwanted extras.

The smaller size makes them great for kids, but also adults wanting a smaller portion. Each variety(besides Vanilla Chocolate Chunk) has only 100 calories and 1.5g of fat. Vanilla Chocolate Chunk has only 120 calories and 3g of fat.

Of course the texture of each variety is rich, thick and creamy, as good Greek Yogurt should be. The protein(8g!) makes this super satisfying and the Vitamin D3, Calcium and Iron make this a really healthy snack.

No matter what flavor you choose(I recommend them ALL), you will be beyond satisfied.

I am giving all of my followers the chance to try all of these wonderful flavors for themselves for FREE. All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win an entire case (6 - 4 packs) of Chobani Champions. Good luck.


  1. We are so pleased to hear that both of your little ones like the Champions. Thanks so much for the awesome review, and good luck to all those who enter the giveaway.

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  7. I want to try the berry the most! I'm sure my kids would love the honey nana! :)

  8. Very Berry for sure! thank you hun! I love the review!

  9. I would love to try very berry

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