Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweet Synergy Review and GIVEAWAY!

As my waistline can clearly attest to, I love to eat. One of my biggest passions is sweets. And as much as I love them, I am often quite picky about which ones I love.

I figure if I am going to consume a billion calories(since I eat so much), I might as well make sure it is worth it. So not just any sweet will do.

Cake is probably my favorite because of the texture. I am very funny about texture. But I have now found a product to take my sweets addiction to new heights. CAKE TRUFFLES!!

They sound amazing, right? Well I had never had one until I found Sweet Synergy. Where have these been all my life?

So what is a cake truffle? Cake Truffles are delicious, bite-sized, portion-control pieces of moist cake, blended with icing or curds, hand-crafted and then dipped into delectable, mouthwatering coverings.

These insanely delicious treats are probably the best dessert I have ever tried. It is seriously incredible. The first bite blew my mind, and that's all it took to get me hopelessly addicted.

There are so many flavors too, so there is zero chance of getting sick of these(although one flavor could keep my happy).

I tried am amazing selection of flavors, and every one was amazing.


This was my favorite flavor. It is just so creamy and decadent. It tastes like real egg nog, but even better with a touch of rum, the yummy cake flavor and texture and the indulgent Ghiradelli white chocolate. If you love egg nog, I could not recommend this flavor more strongly. You will fall in love.

Nelle's Tator Pie:  

This was my second favorite(well tied for first). I love sweet potatoes, especially as a pie. The flavor of this cake is so perfect and once again the Ghiradelli white chocolate makes this and incredible treat, but the thing that truly sets this flavor apart is the amazing crust. There is a piece of crust or cookie or something on the bottom of this truffle. 

Not only does that give it an amazingly unique texture, the flavor becomes even more special. The crust is so crisp and buttery, it is amazing.

Home Sweet Home(carrot cake):

Another of my favorite(notice a pattern? lol). All the yummy goodness of Carrot Cake, just smaller and dipped in white chocolate(and rolled in glazed pecans). I love that this has pineapple in it too, it gives it something different than most carrot cakes have. Very very good.

Southern Belle: 

This is a  deep red coco-infused cake blended with cherry preserves, enclosed around a maraschino cherry and dipped in white chocolate. This is a cherry dream. Tons of fantastic cherry flavor perfectly balanced with the cake and white chocolate(or dark or milk-picture shows milk chocolate). I like the real cherry inside and the stem still attached is so cute.


The name really describes this perfectly. So divine. This would probably be the most loved variety since it is the classic chocolate indulgence, only about a  million times better than any chocolate cake or truffle you've ever tried. If the phase "death by chocolate" was ever to be fulfilled, this would be to blame, and it would be so worth it.

Everything Nice(pumpkin spice): 
Better than pumpkin pie! This is so delicious. Seriously, it puts pumpkin pie to shame. It's like the difference between ground beef and prime rib. Pumpkiny goodness amplified. YUM!

Sunshine's Kiss(lemon):

I have always really likes lemon cake, but never had I had one so delicious. This really tasted like juicy lemon with the perfect sweetness. This was a far cry from a Lightly lemoned taste. The lemon is the star of this treat with the sinfully good white chocolate being the perfect co star.

Peanut Butter Truffle: 
Chocolate and peanut butter have never tasted so good. Peanut butter cups are put to shame after trying one of these delectable cake truffles. I love the peanut accents on top as well. Not only do the look beautiful, the give just a hint of crunch

Classic Champion(strawberry): 
Strawberry Cake baked with pureed strawberries, filled with a hint of strawberry oil and blended with strawberry curd and dipped in white chocolate.

This flavor is for seriously strawberry lovers only. The fantastic taste of fresh sweet strawberries and cream(white chocolate). This is a bright, fruity masterpiece(and every little girls pretty pink dream).

The texture of these cake truffles is so incredible. It is very hard for me to explain it as well as it deserves. The are so moist and soft, it is almost like a creamy filling, but still a cake texture.

They are so decadent. As much as I wanted to eat the entire box, I could not even finish two. The amazing thing is, they do not taste too sweet over over-indulgent while you are eating them, but they are so satisfying you just cannot keep eating.

So two truffles(or even one) is a really great dessert portion. once I tasted my first bite I just knew I would eat about 10, but there was no way. They are dense(yet moist and delectable) so they really fill you up. One of these would be just as good(to me) as a whole piece of cake. so I save tons of calories and fat(compared to what I would otherwise consume on dessert) with these, but get even more decadent flavor.

They are about the size of a ping pong ball and are regarded as the perfect two-bite dessert. But I ate mine in about 8-10 smaller bites, and each small bite was more than enough, so I recommend taking your time and really savoring them, plus too much in one bite may cause a delectable overload.

And as if heavenly Cake Truffles was not enough, Sweet Synergy also makes pound cakes and mini bundt cakes. I was able to try two flavors(in mini sizes).

Chocolate & Red Velvet:

I could not even get a picture of the chocolate cake(out of the package, it is shown in the first picture though) because my hubby stole it and ate it all. He did give me one bite so I could get an opinion for you all. It is amazing! Of course his devouring that speaks for itself. He is so picky and will often not try the things I review. He surely did not have that problem this time. He also got into the truffles.

The Red Velvet cake is phenomenal as well(as expected). They are so moist and rich. Dense but not too much. Just right. Probably the best cake I've ever had.

In addition to all of the amazing flavors I tried, there are even more on the website. And no matter what you choose nor how high your expectations, the product will blow you away.

What better gift could you possibly give this holiday season? And nothing would be better to serve at your holiday gatherings. People will be begging you to serve them again and demanding to know where you got them.

And now for the sweetest thing of all. Two of you will be lucky enough to win a DOZEN Cake Truffles of your choice(up to 3 varieties per dozen). Just enter the rafflecopter below. Good luck.


  1. omg carrot cake or strawberry :)

  2. thanks for the yummy giveaway.
    Love the strawberry or divine cake...
    Have a great and sweet day

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  4. Those Southern Belles look Amazing! Definitely interested!! :)

  5. the classic champion is making me drool :)

    good job on the blog by the way, I'm fairly new and I'm loving it xo.

    1. Good luck. Thanks so much for the compliment. :)

  6. OMG I have to pick just one? Okay. Southern Belles

  7. Maybe the peanut butter truffle, or the red velvet. But then there's the Divine Chocolate!!!! Oh golly they all look so darn good!

  8. OH MY GOD! Egg Nog!? I am DROOOOLING!

  9. Definitely the Southern Bell!!!