Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Unique Pashminas Review and GIVEAWAY!

Although I am a mother of two, I am still fairly young, and I don't want to look like a "mommy" all the time. It is always my intention to jazz up my style so I don't always look the part, but finding all the right items has definitely become more difficult for me.

I often feel very out of touch with fashion as much as I try to stay on top of it. I only have time to do so much(which is usually almost nothing), so even when I know what might look good, I often don't have time to do it.

Buying tons of accessories and handbags and shoes and mixing and matching just so can make my head spin. I like to find a few stylish pieces that I can wear with different things, simply yet fashionably.

One trend that I am actually aware of is infinity scarves. If you are unfamiliar, and infinity scarf is sewn together on both ends(forming a "circle"). That makes it so easy to just twist into two perfect loops and be done with it.

This is the perfect accessory for me since I never really know how to wrap a scarf so it looks decent on me. Plus I actually feel awesome knowing that I am wearing a stylish accessory.

Since infinity scarves are so hot right now, they are sold everywhere. That does make it harder to know the best place to get one. You want something stylish, but you also want quality, just as with any accessory.

But I discovered a company that has gorgeous infinity scarves(and pashminas) that are exceptional quality. Unique Pashminas is a wonderful company.

I just got two fabulous infinity scarves, and I am in love.

I got the Gold leopard

I LOVE this scarf. It is just the perfect amount of pattern and color, but still in neutral tones so that is super easy to match. Not too flashy, bur certainly sassy and stylish. Since it is all one color, no matter how I twist it, it looks perfect. So easy to just throw on any time you want to spice up an outfit.

I also got the Lime-Caribbean Sea

 The picture rally does not do this one much justice. It is hard to see the distinct colors.

What is really special about this scarf is that it is two colors(one on each side) so you can create different looks by folding it different ways. You can make it all the beautiful teal blueish color or all the wonderful lime green color, or make it both.

I love the way it looks when both colors are showing. It makes it look more unique and gives an extra pop without going overboard since they are complimenting colors.

Since all the infinity scarves are woven(not printed) both sides are equally gorgeous and completely reversible.

Now that you have seen the incredible beauty of these scarves, I have to mention the equally(if not more) important aspect, the feel. These are the softest scarves I have ever felt. They are not fuzzy like many scarves, nor are the satiny, yet they are super silky smooth but without the "glossy" look of many soft scarves.

These feel so luxurious it is hard to believe they are made of only cotton, you would guess they were made of silk. These are unbelievably soft.

They are so light weight you could easily wear them year round. They are wonderfully flexible and move with you so perfectly you might forget you have it on(until someone compliments you for looking fantastic).

What I adore about Unique Pashminas' infinity scarves is they they are perfect for EVERYONE(female). The offer everything you could want, comfort, quality, beauty, ease(of just twist and wear), and even affordability.

Any woman on your holiday shopping list would love to receive on of these lovely scarves. Best of all, they are one size fits all. You won't have to worry about getting the wrong size, and with reversible colors, you can be sure they will love at least one of them(but how could they not love both?)

And as an extra special gift, one of you will win your very own Infinity Scarf from Unique Pashminas. The winner will receive the  Black-Deep Pink .Enter below. Good luck.


  1. I really love the black deep-pink one! So pretty, and would go nicely with most items! :)

  2. They are all so pretty but I'm leaning towards the Lime-Caribbean one right now of course that Black-Deep pink is looking pretty snazzy too :)

  3. the black deep pink is the one calling my name :P lol

  4. Thanks for the giveaway.Love the black-deep-pink scarf...<3

  5. I like the leopard print. BTW you have a nice camera, your pics always look great!!

  6. I like the Lime caribbean sea scarf!

  7. I like the Black-Deep Pink color!

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